Landis Sewerage Authority, WWTP Improvements, Vineland, N.J. #1565

Client Landis Sewerage Authority
Location Vineland, N.J.
Value $8,219,514.00
Schedule Anticipated Completion July 2019
Architect GHD, Inc.

Project Detail

Replacement of the following equipment: four 66″ diameter influent screw pumps, two Automatic Fine Screens, Grit and Grease Removal Unit Bridge Pump and Blowers.

Install new fin bubble aeration system including four multi-stage centrifugal diffusers and all associated piping and electrical/instrumentation.  Install new Magnesium Hydroxide chemical feed system in existing Lime Building.  Install new concrete wall and weir in existing Chlorine Contact Tank.  Replace biogas mixing system condenser components in Thickening/Digestion Building.  Replace roof on Thickener/Digester Building.  Install new mixing system in Equalization Basin glass-coated bolted steel tanks.  Repair pock-marks and concrete sealing in Equalization Basins.  Replace PLC’s and reprogram in Equalization Basin Pump and Control Building.  Extend natural gas service on site.  Replacement of miscellaneous tank weirs, slide gates and install new rolling door in Lime Building.