Building 211 Life Safety Upgrades for FAA at WJHTC (1576)

Location DOT/FAA
Value $1,979,514.00
Schedule July, 2020
Architect Maser Consulting

Project Detail

All work performed at an occupied and active laboratory with ongoing testing and operations at a Federal Aviation Authority Building to upgrade life safety and lifecycle concerns.

Required civil work including utility location and protection. Structural steel supports, stairs, gratings, safety railing, work platforms, room integrity testing, door replacement, ACT replacements, new roof, rooftop ladders, new mechanical mezzanine. All electrical work, including but not limited too, grounding, bonding, instrumentation, lighting, power, lightning protection system and emergency lighting. New rooftop units with roof mounted ductwork, DDC controls for existing HVAC Systems. Testing of cell #4 exhaust systems, new fuel delivery penetrations, carbon monoxide detection system and fire protection.