Building 287 Roof & Mechanical Equipment Replacement, FAA WJHTC, NJ #1525

Client Federal Aviation Administration
Location FAA @ WJHTC
Value 1.2 Million
Schedule Completed May 2015
Architect Kling Stubbins

Project Detail

The building was to receive a completely new mechanical system and all new roofing. Work included complete demolition of existing ceiling tiles, ceiling grids and lights. Selective building demolition was required to provide for much of the new equipment, including new masonry cutouts. Mechanical demolition included the removal of a boiler, chiller, heating piping, pumps expansion tanks, an indoor air handler, ductwork, wall fan coil units, roof top air handlers, roof top condensing units,exhaust fans, dampers and air cooled chiller. Before work could begin, a new guardrail system was installed at the roof to provide protection for both the new work of the project, as well as future maintenance at the rooftop. A new roof hatch and a safety screen were added for the ladder access to the roof. The existing membrane and standing-seam metal roofs were removed, down to concrete deck.

A new, fully-adhered, 60 mil PVC membrane roofing system, over insulation and cover board, was installed. A new standing-seam metal roof was also installed at multiple locations of the building. The building also received new scuppers, aluminum coping, rain leaders and downspouts. Existing hollow metal doors, frame and hardware were also replaced. In order to install the new mechanical equipment and ductwork, all of the acoustical ceilings in the offices were removed and replaced. The contract was also modified to replace carpet tile and vinyl base throughout the offices. The offices, hallways and stairwells were all cleaned and repainted. The entire mechanical systems were completely replaced, including a new boiler, indoor and rooftop air handlers, condensers, and exhaust fans. Existing offices were provided with new through-wall fan coil units.

This work also included all new mechanical piping, ductwork, refrigeration piping, registers, grills and diffusers, as well as control, balancing and fire dampers. All new mechanical insulation was installed throughout. All new mechanical systems were tested and balanced. A new DDC control system was also installed and connected to the facility wide system. New lightning protection system, providing protection to the building, as well as the rooftop equipment, ductwork and new guardrail system.