New Geissinger Well No. 18 Treatment Plant & Booster Pump Facility, Millville, NJ #1503

Client City of Millville
Location Millville, NJ
Value 2.9 Million
Schedule Completed July 2014
Architect GPM Associates

Project Detail

Complete construction, testing, and placing into service a new treatment plant and booster pumping facility for existing Well No. 18.  Provide and install new water treatment facility, including air stripping tower system, lime slurry feed system, on-site sodium hypochlorite generation system, well and clearwell pumping equipment, all piping, valves, fittings, emergency power generator, electric and controls, modifications to existing water storage tank piping system, all site work, provide and install complete water booster pumping facility including all appurtenances, complete wash-out and inspection of existing 5.0 MG tank, install, test and start-up of a new tank mixing system, complete testing and start-up of new treatment and booster pumping facilities.