City of Egg Harbor New Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Egg Harbor, NJ #1496

Client Town of Hammonton
Location Egg Harbor, NJ
Value 6.9 Million
Schedule Completed April 2014
Architect Remington & Vernick Engineers

Project Detail

Project consists of grubbing, site clearing, site improvements, installation of all soil and sediment control measures, utilities, paving and landscaping.  Minor demolition work.  Furnishing and installation of water main extensions to connect well to the new WTP, all piping, fittings, valves, instrumentations, flow meters, pumps and related appurtenances, all water treatment equipment and related piping.  Also, providing the new water treatment plant building, finish water clearwell tanks, pump house and backwash reclaim system, chemical feed systems.  Emergency power systems, all mechanical, plumbing and electrical work. Controls, alarm and security systems along with telemetry system.  New water main to convey water from the existing wells to the new plant.  Completion work includes all start-up, testing, and restoration of disturbed areas and service of existing wells.